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  With the start of UNC Build a Block, the Carolina community came together in a big way to raise the funds needed.  UNC Health Care was one of the organizations the rose above the rest.  UNC Hospitals is one of five champion donors to UNC Build a Block, donating $35,000, enough to build one house.    UNC Health Care first got involved with Build a Block when building another UNC Health Care sponsored Habitat for Humanity house.  The UNC Health Care community showed tremendous support for the project and was asked to share their story with other groups on campus.  The home they built was for Felicia Weaver, a fellow UNC Health Care employee.  Members of the UNC Health Care community came together and filled every one of the build spots and sold more than $500 T-shirts to support the project. 

Tom Maltias, Director of External Affairs for UNC Health Care said, “The involvement of our employees was so overwhelming that we just had to sponsor another home and Build a Block is a perfect fit.”

For UNC Health Care, becoming a Champion Donor was a no brainer.  Maltias says, “It allows us to build another home for one of our employees while being a part of campus-wide movement to support our own people.  Build a Block is a perfect example of a large group of people coming together to do something great.”  




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