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We had a great weekend and are moving on up. To the roof. We started a second exterior wall on one house, built the remaining interior walls on a second, completed and top-plated walls on a third, and got three quarters of the roof deck on the fourth. We plan to get trusses up on two houses during the week, and will be on the roof on three of the four houses, roof deck on two and shingles on the third. One house remains with groundwork as we frame walls.  We had lots of great help this weekend, and I would like to highlight a few of them.  Friday afternoon’s MVP award to Rachael, for tirelessly nailing the roof deck with a quickness.  Saturday morning we welcomed ECHHS, and Lukas picked up the tasks very quickly as we stood walls, not his first time with a hammer. I think maybe it was Freshman Julia’s first time nailing, and after a struggle with 16d nails, but an enduring enthusiastic attitude, she found her place: on the roof deck with 8d nails. Also special thanks to Andy Branscomb, longtime UNC Saturday volunteer and part-time crew leader, who helped us out as cutman and supervised wall framing when I had to shift to the roof on the neighboring house. 


Thanks and see you Saturday.




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