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Build a Block is a project undertaken by UNC students unlike any one before it.  It a massive collaboration between all facets of the university and the end result will be ten houses for ten Carolina families.  What is so special about Build a Block is that it allows all members of the Carolina community to become involved and bridge any gaps that may have previously existed among these different parts of the school.

There are so many ways to volunteer for Build a Block, whether it is through the fundraising committee, community outreach, or attending the actual builds.  Builds take place every Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon.  Friday builds require 20 volunteers and the Saturday slots require 48 people for each one.  The enormity of this project is made clear through the great need for volunteers and we invite anyone who is part of Carolina to get involved!

In comparison to the numbers of volunteers needed for previous years, Build a Block took an enormous jump from 15 people for each slot to 48.  Sign up’s were slow in the beginning but individuals, students groups, and our Champion groups quickly stepped up and registered for all of the remaining builds, leaving no open slots left until the spring term starts!

 Builds filled up quickly for the fall semester so be sure to keep an eye out for the spring semester build dates when they become available.  If you’re involved with an on-campus group, contact Katie Dight at kmdight@gmail.com for more information on how to sign up your group members for a certain build date.



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