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My Build a Block Experience

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This past semester I have been working with UNC Build a Block as the Public Relations Intern through the APPLES program as a requirement for my JOMC 232 course. Prior to working for the organization, I knew the basics about Habitat for Humanity and UNC Build a Block. I was aware that Habitat Humanity builds affordable housing for people in the community and that Build a Block was working with the organization to construct houses for employees at UNC-Chapel Hill, but I knew nothing more. I knew that to experience the full mission of the organizations I needed to get my hands dirty and take part in a build, so on this past Saturday that is exactly what I did.

The build started with an introduction about Habitat for Humanity in which I learned Habitat for Humanity makes housing affordable by setting the price for a house at $75,000, charging 0 percent interest, and using free labor. I realized that the last factor was the reason the other volunteers  and I were standing out in the cold at 7:30 a.m. preparing to help build homes. I could not have been more excited about the impact I was about to make on the Build a Block home.

I was assigned to the task of painting the interior of the home of Pler Gay and Kbla Paw. During my experience I met another UNC-CH employee who was going to be a recipient of one of the Build a Block homes. She was helping out with this home to obtain her sweat equity hours. Each recipient of a Habitat for Humanity home has to complete a certain amount of hours working with the organization as a requirement of eligibility.  The 4 ½ hours that I volunteered flew by and before I knew it I was on my way home with paint in my hair and my entire body covered in dust. 

It was a wonderful experience and I encourage all to sign up to build with Habitat for Humanity and Build a Block. The feeling that I received knowing that I helped a deserving family get one step closer to their dream home cannot be put into words.  I was very proud to know that I had received the Build a Block experience.

Brittney Ormond

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Junior



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