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UNC Habitat’s pledge to build 10 houses in 10 months is nothing short of amazing.  It represents a huge commitment on the part of many people who are willing to stand by the organization.  Four of the houses will be built by UNC Habitat’s campus chapter. I have seen the commitment of UNC-CH in the past, in their fundraising efforts, in their volunteer turnout, and their can-do attitudes.  I have gotten to know several of you as you come again and again during a build and during your time at UNC-CH.  Some of you have even worked as crew leaders, organized groups, and introduced your friends to the worksite for the first time. I have seen many of you learn new skills and work harder than you thought possible. 

 On Friday afternoon, as we projected low volunteer numbers for Saturday, we put out a challenge.  Could we take our group of 11 volunteers, a decent-sized group to accomplish one floor deck, and do two instead?  Our crew leaders, Grace and Hoyle, took ownership of one house, and I worked with half the group at another.  After a rousing rendition of Eye of the Tiger, we decked TWO houses.  Special kudos to Rachael, Ashlee, Sylvan, and Sarah, who glued, set, and nailed the entire deck on one house pretty much by themselves.    

Saturday we had groups of 14 and 9 for AM and PM shifts for our four Build A Block houses. We split our crews in half between two of the houses, and worked twice as hard.  In the late afternoon, we pulled workers off another house to help finish up the last of the exterior walls for the day, and raised it into place.  We accomplished the raising of two exterior walls on two houses.  Two houses we did not work on. 

Thank you to everyone who showed up and stepped up.  Please come back and bring a few friends.


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