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Habitat for Humanity on Campus

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Like every other Habitat for Humanity campus chapter around the nation, UNC’s chapter has been building houses for the community for several years.  What began as a simple organization feeding volunteers and building houses for deserving families has now grown into an organization that accomplishes much more.  In the past few years, UNC’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity has initiated community programs such as tutoring, ESL classes, working with the Boys and Girls Club, etc. to engage the community in which (and for which) it exists.  Taking the idea of building affordable homes a step further to building better communities, UNC’s Habitat club works to build relationships with homeowners and surrounding community members. 

This year we are taking a leap by trying to accomplish something that has never been attempted by another campus chapter.  UNC Habitat with the help of the entire Carolina community is striving to build 10 houses for 10 deserving UNC employees.  We have not only committed to expanding our physical effort but also to creating a more cohesive Carolina community that goes beyond just student volunteers.  By engaging faculty, students, and staff from different departments and organizations throughout campus, we hope to create bonds and relationships that will continue on after this year’s builds.  Our hope is to unite Carolina on a common goal and to break down barriers of class, race, gender and status on campus.  We hope this initiative acts as a starting point toward many more years of working together and accomplishing the impossible!




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