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Habitat Celebrates Build-A-Block with Spring Football Pre-Game

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By: Emma Shaw

This Saturday’s spring football game will be an opportunity for more than just the football team to showcase the prospects of their upcoming season. Before any of the action on the field begins, students will have a chance to celebrate the success of the UNC Build A Block project.

Beginning at noon in The Pit, junior and senior Carolina students can enjoy a pre-game tailgate hosted by UNC Habitat for Humanity and the UNC Build A Block committee to highlight the success of UNC’s Build A Block endeavor throughout the 2010-2011 year.

UNC’s Build A Block project began when the Orange County chapter of Habitat for Humanity contacted the UNC branch with surprising news: more university and UNC hospital employees applied for Habitat housing than ever before. UNC’s chapter of Habitat flew into action, and has since rallied the university around this great cause.

On Saturday, when you’re chowing down on the food provided by Carolina Dining Services and getting ready to see what our latest recruits can do on the turf, take a minute to be proud of our school for more than just our athletic prowess. The student next to you may have had a hand in building one of the Build A Block houses. Or maybe she organized a fundraiser to provide building materials. He could have signed up to tutor kids living in one of the new houses.

Whatever our neighbors may be involved in, this Saturday is a time to reflect upon the accomplishments of our fellow students. Whether it is making a block or building a block, Carolina students never shy away from service, passion, or excellence. This Saturday, I will be as proud to call the families of Phoenix Place and the individuals who helped create it part of my Carolina family as I will the players representing us in blue and white.



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