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Building Momentum

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Saturday was our first official build day for UNC Build-A-Block’s Fall Season. It is a very exciting time as we see so many new faces on the site, in high spirits and eager to work. Whatever the building stage, the tasks break down into several small steps. After about 20 minutes, everyone seems to find their groove and all the different crews click along. One such crew led the floor decking that morning as they placed each sheet of plywood. Ellyn really seemed to enjoy swinging that sledge hammer to “fine-tune” its placement. And by the end of the shift I could hear Patrick yell, “I think I got it now!”

For some, like freshman Jamie, it may be the first time at a Habitat site. Welcome. For others, like Jacki, “would it be too much to ask if she could run the saw?” (and did a fine job, by the way,) Welcome Back.

It’s a great thing to witness everyone finding a niche and expanding their skills, over the course of a shift and as you return over the course of the build season.

This Weekend:
We will deck the third house, (which was prepped with stucco.)
And we will use the wall components built last Saturday to start raising walls on two houses.
See you then!


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