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Act, Speak, Build

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By: Brittney Ormond, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Junior

During the week of April 4 through April 8 I noticed a transformation taking place in the pit at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This transformation was not in the different people that crowd around the area socializing on a daily basis or in the different organizations that sit at the tables publicizing for events and trying to recruit new members. The transformation I noticed was in the miniature house that was being erected by UNC Build a Block.

As a part of UNC Build a Block Act, Speak, Build week, the organization constructed a small colorful house to represent their mission, building affordable housing for 10 deserving employees throughout the university community. On Monday, the house started out as a few wooden posts and by Thursday this house was being taken apart. The organization took the house apart to distribute pieces of the house to the champion donors and to place a portion on display in the Union.

During the week, Build a Block members not only constructed the small house but also engaged in fun activities that including tie-dying shirts. Build a Block brought the week to a close by providing food for the student tailgate that preceded the Spring Game. This event was a ton of fun and complete with live music from a local band.

The tiny house that was erected during Act, Speak Build Week definitely caught my attention and caused me to take notice during my stroll through the pit. I hope others had the same reaction and took the initiative to stop by and learn more about Build a Block. I encourage all to get involved and act, speak, and build for Build a Block.



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